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Coding + Social Impact

What if you could learn to code while making a positive social impact? 


The Reboot Labs Bootcamp not only teaches its students how to code, it provides a staged hands-on learning curriculum that reinforces lessons with real-world, digital project management. No prerequisites are necessary to enter Reboot’s 10-week, 10-hours-per-week course, which is designed for professionals of all ages.

Reboot is intended for anyone who would like to learn how to code, or who would like to communicate more effectively with web development teams that they manage, hire, or work alongside.

Upcoming courses

January 2018 Coding + Social Impact Bootcamp

Reboot Coding Bootcamp

WeWork Grand Central
450 Lexington Avenue

We work with students who come from top companies and institutions

Why us?


Flexible schedule

Learn to code while working a full time job. Add skills to your professional toolkit at a personalized pace.


Learn by building

By building a project for a non-profit you get the experience of working on a real project while helping an organization in need.

small classes

Small and Affordable Classes

We keep our classes small so you get the best learning experience. We keep our infrastructure lean and competitive.



The Basics

STAGE 1: The Basics

On day one, we will build a basic web page using modern web standards. Introduce the basics of what makes good code.

We will review HTML, CSS, JavaScript and BootStrap.

Looking under the hood

STAGE 2: Looking Under the Hood

We will learn about the server, databases, and the basics of building a web application (web app). Using industry standards such as MySQL and PHP, we will look at how to build a template that pulls information from the back end. You will learn the basics of server-side scripting. We will also learn and understand the setup and customization of content management systems including WordPress.

We will review PHP, MySQL, Servers

Social Impact

STAGE 3: Learning Meets Social Impact

You will apply what you have learned to build a WordPress site for a 501c3 (non profit) organization for a charitable project. This experiential learning format, combined with instructor support, highlights simple project management skills that allow you to make coding professionally useful.

We will review End-to-End project applications and workflow best practices.




Payment Plans Available
for those in financial need



  • Complete in 10 weeks
  • Study 10 hrs/week



  • No experience needed
  • Interview with Instructor
  • Laptop with wifi



Bryant Park, NYC

Upcoming courses

January 2018 Coding + Social Impact Bootcamp

Reboot Coding Bootcamp

WeWork Grand Central
450 Lexington Avenue

Interested but need more convincing?

Here’s what our students have to say.

As the class progresses the classes get more challenging. Reboot is extremely beginner friendly. There was a wide range of learners. It’s also about being part of a community and that’s a big plus.

Diane H

Project Manager, Website Diane built in class

It’s an intensive overview. It broadened my horizon and opened my field. It got me building again. I had lost interest but Reboot got me going again. Being able to talk to knowledgeable people in the industry who will you get off in the right direction.


Designer, manager, Website Yasmin built in class

This has given me something to aim for. I’ve been wanting to do this for years. I’m someone who’s wants to create but there was a bit of a disconnect between what I was able to communicate to developers. Now I can do my own work and take some of the ideas I’ve had and create something.

David Simpson

Designer, Freelancer, Now a TA for Reboot

I needed the basics and what I need to know about the basics. I want more freedom. This class is for people who are willing to take things apart and problem-solve. I took this class because I wanted to get my feet wet, I wanna go in the right direction. It felt like we could ask anything. It didn’t matter how obscure the question was.

Sara Harvey

Journalist, Website Sara built in class

For people who are interested in getting into the New York Tech scene, it’s really great and it gives you a lot of real tangible results. It was a lot to go through but it was welcoming and the teachers were really attentive. The teachers went above and beyond to help.

Esther M.

Financial Services, Website Esther built in class

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s a video.

Forgive the quality. We learn to code not to shoot video.

Dive into specifics

Click on a tab below to learn about specific curriculum topics.

HTML/CSS and Website Design

HTML5 and CSS3 are current standards for web front end. We’ll bring you up to speed with what’s needed to build a modern website. Learn the basics or update your previous skills. Using modern web standards you’ll build a basic web page on day one. This includes getting to know industry standard software for code editing as well as tools the pros use to speed up development. We’ll discuss what to do as well as what not to do when building a website. You’ll also learn reference sources to boost your skills and keep you up-to-date within your career.

Back End versus Front End Development

Moving quickly from front end development, we’ll look at the server, databases, and the basics of building a web app. You’ll understand what a server is, what it does, and how to set it up and manage it. Using industry standards such as MySQL and PHP, we’ll look at how to build a template that pulls information from the back end. You’ll learn the basics of server-side scripting. We’ll also learn and understand the setup and customization of content management systems including WordPress.

Logic basics with JavaScript and PHP

Using JavaScript on the the front end and then moving onto the backend with PHP, we’ll look at the logic that goes into learning to code including conditionals, variables, functions, and more. You’ll learn the ropes of front end scripting and interaction with jQuery. Then you’ll learn how to use PHP on the back end to pull information information using MySQL. These concepts are fundamental to a basic understanding of computer science. Through practice exercises and then on a live project you’ll discover what it takes to get the developer’s mindset.

Building a WordPress Site from Scratch

WordPress powers over a quarter of all websites on the web today. This makes it ideal for a diverse set of projects from blogging to magazine and membership sites as well as ecommerce sites. Using our knowledge of the server, we’ll look at how WordPress works from the ground up. We’ll build a WordPress site using a pre-existing theme then we’ll look at what it takes to modify that theme. You’ll learn what a child theme is and how to build one. Then using Bootstrap, we’ll build a theme from scratch and understand the mechanics of how WordPress fits together. These industry-standard skills will help you raise your rates and to better communicate with full stack developers.

How to find, recruit, and speak competently to developers and manage a team

One of the best ways to learn effective communication is to learn by doing. Getting experience with navigating servers, understanding databases, and learning to code will help you understand the possibilities and the limitations of projects. Learn how to scope your project timelines. Understand what goes into building a project end to end including wireframing, mockups, and information architecture. We’ll discuss the fundamentals of staging a project as well as how to work with clients and end users effectively.

Understand how to think like a programmer so that you can future-proof your career

More important than learning any one language or syntax is understanding the developer mindset. How a developer goes about setting up and solving problems is far more useful to your career longterm. That means getting comfortable with error detection, learning the tricks of the pros, and finding resources on your own so that you set yourself up for your career after the class. Becoming a lifelong learner means adopting a growth mindset. Don’t wait to take the next step in your career. Join Reboot Coding Bootcamp to learn how to iterate and build the career you want using Design Thinking.


Founder and Mentor of Reboot

After working in marketing at Apple Inc, Nate established himself within the New York tech and entrepreneurial community.His writing has appeared in Mashable and his book ‘Build Your Own Website: A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS and WordPress’ has been a bestseller in Programming: CSS books on Nate has taught web development for Mediabistro, General Assembly, SVA, FIT, 92Y, Noble Desktop, Google, Amazon, and Wharton.

Upcoming courses

January 2018 Coding + Social Impact Bootcamp

Reboot Coding Bootcamp

WeWork Grand Central
450 Lexington Avenue

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